About Us

Hebei Wankuang Mine Machinery Factory was founded in 1965. It is the professional manufacturing company for productions of mineral crushing equipment. Our factory obtained the certification of ISO9001 Quality Management System. The products are widely used in mining, metallurgical, chemical industry, building materials, construction and other industries of ore and rock breaking.

Our factory have more than seventy kinds of ten series products, such as jaw crusher, fine jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, vertical hammer crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, roll crusher, cone crusher, impact breaker, and it also has the match equipment of ascending, feeding, screening, conveying, washing, etc. It can satisfy any demands to break any size of ore and rock. more

When supply the goods, we also provide the consulting design, selection of design, installation and debugging, technical guidance and training equipment maintenance service.

The overall project of stone production line with output of 1000 tons per hour
In 2020, Hebei Wankuang Machinery Factory completed the construction of the overall project of stone production line with an output of 1,000 tons per hour -- the "turnkey project" of Baoding Tangxian Wankuang ore Material Factory was successfully completed and put into operation. The project adopts the completely closed environmental protection construction scheme for construction. Wankuang engineering and technical personnel learn from others, strive for perfection and be meticulous. It took 1 year to complete the construction of a modern stone production line project with large-scale, complete sets, intelligence, information technology and green environmental protection, and a successful trial run.
Construction waste treatment system
Usually, the construction waste production line consists of two stages of crushing, one sorting, separation, two air selection (can also be designed as water selection according to customer requirements), three screening, multi-channel magnetic separation, and an environmental protection and dust suppression process.After crushing, the large light material and the wind selected light material can be used for combustion to generate electricity. The crushed fine material is used to make recycled sand, recycled permeable brick, insulation brick, etc. The waste soil can be used as green soil by adding other organic matter to synthesize organic fertilizer soil.